Residents' Association Wins National Award

Central Plaza Towers (CPT) Residents' Association won a national "Resident Advisory Board of the Year" award at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia on September 18, 2014.
The award was presented by the National Alliance of Resident Servcies in Affordable and Assisted Housing (NAR-SAAH) at the organization's 12th Annual Capacity Building Conference for resident council leaders, employees of resident services and assisted housing programs, and commissioners.
NAR-SAAH has over 3,000 individual members and 285 member public housing authorities, according to Samuel B. Little, Ph.D., president of the organization.
"Mobile Housing Board (MHB) is extremely proud of the CPT Residents' Association for winning this award," said Dwayne C. Vaughn, MHB's Executive Director. "They are good neighbors, and the programs they sponsor - and their volunteer work - helps Seniors maintain an active lifestyle at CPT," Vaughn said.
Located at 300 Bay Shore Ave., CPT is one of MHB"s five apartment complexes for Senior Citizens. The public housing authority owns and operates 13 affordable housing complexes. 
In addition to President Joyce Freeman, other officers of the CPT Residents' Association are Dora Thornton, vice president; and Carole Bradley, treasurer.
The Resident Association has a recycling program, a community action group (CAG), and maintains a library and a rose garden at CPT. Members assist and teach computer skills to fellow residents in the association's computer lab. It sponsors a bi-monthly birthday party to honor residents and Mardi Gras activities for their enjoyment. 
In addition to the CAG, the association sponsors another program that helps CPT residents look out for their neighbors. It provides "Good Night" and "I'm Up" signs for each resident's door. If a resident's "I'm Up" sign is not flipped by the usual time, a neighbor will check to see if that resident needs assistance.    

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