Agency Wins Grant for Community Garden

Community Garden
Families in Mobile Housing Board's Renaissance Corridor are thankful that funding has been provided for the cultivation of their community garden.
Funding was received from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's 2014 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. Pictured above is John McMillan, Alabama's Commissioner of Agriculture, and Marie Mhoon, Director of Community & Family Empowerment for Mobile Development Enterprises.
Local horticulturist Bill Finch will continue to work with Renaissance Corridor residents, providing gardening, crop rotation, and pest management instruction.   Other community partners are providing information on the nutritional value of vegetables,  sharing recipes and cooking ideas with families that grow crops in the Renaissance Community Garden.
The community garden has become a special inter-generational meeting place in the community, supplementing the goals of the Renaissance Community Garden project of increasing vegetable consumption, encouraging specialty crop production for home and small market retail, and encouraging younger residents to develop a "love of gardening".  The Community Garden shows that gardening can be fun, nutritious and instructional!

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