is hereby given that the Mobile Housing Board (MHB), Mobile, AL, will hold a Public Hearing on APRIL 14, 2020 , at 9:00 am at the Mobile Housing Board Central Office, 151 S. Claiborne Street, Mobile, AL 36602. The public hearing is for the Mobile Housing Board's Revised Year 2020 Annual PHA Plan and the Revised 2020 Five Year PHA Plan.

Note: Due to COVID-19, President Trump’s extension of social distancing through April 30th and Governor Ivey and Mayor Stimpson’s stay-at-home orders, the public meeting will be held telephonically.  The dial in number and passcode are:

Dial in number:  515.603.3163
Passcode:             956108#

Comments can be sent in during the meeting to Marie Mhoon at

The revised 2020 Annual Plan updates MHB's Low-Income Public Housing Program (LIPH) Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP), the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Administrative Plan, and updates MHB's intentions to file Section 18 application(s). The public comment period on the plans is from February 27, 2020 through April 14, 2020. The revised plans can be viewed at the following locations:

  1. Mobile Housing Board Central Office, 151 S. Claiborne Street, Mobile, AL 36602
  2. Oaklawn Homes Rental Office, 1010 Baltimore Street, Mobile, AL 36605
  3. Orange Grove Rental Office, 600 N Joachim Street, Mobile, AL 36603
  4. Thomas James Place Rental Office, 1555-A Eagle Drive, Mobile, AL 36605
  5. Gulf Village Rental Office, 2002 Ball Avenue, Prichard, AL 36610
  6. R.V. Taylor Plaza Rental Office, 1509 Plaza Drive, Mobile, AL 36605
  7. Central Plaza Towers Rental Office, 300 Bayshore Avenue, Mobile, AL 36607
  8. Emerson Gardens Rental Office, 759 Palmetto Street, Mobile, AL 36603
  9. Frank W. Boykin Tower Rental Office, 1600 Michigan Avenue, Mobile, AL 36605
  10. Downtown Renaissance Rental Office, 350 Bloodgood Street, Mobile, AL 36603
  11. The Renaissance Rental Office, 474 Bloodgood Street, Mobile, AL 36602
  12. The Housing Choice Voucher Office, 1517 Plaza Drive, Mobile, AL 36605
  13. Clinton L. Johnson Economic Development Center, 1655-B Eagle Drive, Mobile, AL 36605

All interested persons are invited to review the items below, attend said Public Hearing, and submit written communications to during the public comment period.

Proposed Public Housing Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan (ACOP)
Proposed Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan
MHB Revisions to the Five-Year Plan for 2016-2020
MHB Revisions to the 2016-2020 5 Year and 2020 Annual Plan - Attachment Section Narratives
Additional MHB Policies

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