Thomas James Place & R.V. Taylor Plaza - Demo/Dispo Update

Thomas James Place & R.V. Taylor Plaza - Demo/Dispo Update


Thomas James Place & R.V. Taylor Plaza

Demo/Dispo Update

November 4, 2022


As previously communicated to impacted residents, elected officials and the community via Zoom, in-person meetings and written updates, the future of both properties remains as follows:


  1. MHA must complete all impacted resident relocations, demolitions and dispositions by 10/22/26.


  1. Impacted resident relocations started in mid-October and will conclude on or before 12/31/23.


  1. To mitigate concerns voiced by area residents and elected officials regarding the lack of affordable housing in the area, MHA sought permission from The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to modify the disposition method of 283 units previously slated for demolition at R.V. Taylor Plaza (192) and Thomas James Place (91). Following numerous meetings with HUD and Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) officials, the modification requested was approved subject to acceptable renovation costs. The units being preserved (highlighted in green) are located on 14+/- and 32+/- acres respectively (see attached site maps).


  1. Impacted residents desiring to return to the community once the preservation units are renovated will have the first right of return.


  1. The Mobile Airport Authority (MAA) and MHA are in negotiations for the remaining 284 acres. MAA needs the additional acreage to support the relocation of the commercial airport and the expansion of the Brookley Aeroplex. The 284 acres consists of 223+/- acres at Thomas James Place and 61+/- acres at R.V. Taylor Plaza respectively.


Updates are consistently posted on our website and social media platforms. Impacted residents with questions or concerns can reach out to our office.

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