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Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Office
Effective immediately and until further notice: This office is operating on an appointment only basis and is closed to the public

The Mobile Housing Board is taking action to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We want to do everything we can to protect you, our employees and our community. We are closely following the recommendations of public health agencies and the Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC).

This office and other buildings and facilities owned and operated by the Mobile Housing Board are closed to the general public including current residents, family members of residents, applicants and other members of the community.

Our employees will be at work during normal business hours and we will continue to provide all services without in-person contact unless necessary:

If you have questions, please call 251-434-2200.

If you are:

  • An applicant already on the waitlist, contact Loretta Ridgeway by e-mail at: lridgeway@mobilehousing.org   or call 434-2319.
  • An HCV program landlord and need assistance from this office please call 251-434-2254.
  • A current participant in the HCV program - contact your case manager. HCV program case managers are assigned according to the tenant’s/family’s last name.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to assisting you and your family.

The HCV Section 8 Wait List is Closed.
If you applied, check on your status here

Currently the HCV Waiting List is CLOSED and MHB is not currently accepting applicants for its general Waiting List. Generally, in order to obtain assistance, an applicant must apply to the Program when MHB is asking persons to apply to the HCV Waiting List. During that time, Mobile Housing Board will take applications on an “as needed basis”, depending on the length of the waiting list and available funding.

Free Computer Classes for Participants and Landlords. See details here!

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Find/Email your Caseworker

Find where your name falls within range. For example if my name is John Doe, my last name falls within the last name alpha range: Deeds → T.Jackson

Name Range:
1. A → Bendolph
2. Deeds → T.Jackson
Tiawatta Ervin
Name Range:
1. Benjamin → K.Brown
2. V.Jacksons → L.Marks
Jackie Jackson (Intake Team Lead)
Name Range:
1. L.Brown → Chapman
2. V.Marks → R.Richardson
Keidreana Sanders
Name Range:
1. Charleston → Cryer
2. S.Richardson → T.White
Tasha Portis
Name Range:
1. Culpepper - Debruce
2. Y.White → Z
Jennifer Gibby (Recertification Team Lead)
Caseworker for all SPVs - CHP, DTR, VASH, HOME
Applicant Intake Specialist - Outgoing Ports (for people new to program & people moving to another HCV program)
Loretta Ridgeway
HCV Family Self-Sufficiency program (FSS)
Lisa Barney
HCV Family Self-Sufficiency program (FSS)
Sonya Curtis

Contact other HCV personnel

Use the first column to identify the department you are trying to reach.

Front Desk/Reception
HCV FrontDesk
Inspections Clerk
Tracey Hill
HCV Inspector
Mark Chatham
Landlord Liason
Tekelia Terry
HCV Manager
Yeta Cook

MHB Responsibilities

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is a three-way partnership between the family, the owner/landlord and the housing authority. In order for the program to work, MHB has the following responsibilities:

  1. Accept applications
  2. Determine eligibility of applicants
  3. Issue Housing Choice Vouchers and conduct briefings
  4. Recruit owners/landlords
  5. Inspect/re-inspect units (initially and at least once annually)
  6. Approve leases and the owner
  7. Make timely housing assistance payments
  8. Ensure continued eligibility of family
  9. Ensure compliance of rules and regulations by owners and families
  10. Offer and conduct hearings
The participating family must:
  1. Comply with all program rules and regulations and all family obligations.
  2. Provide complete and accurate information to MHB.
  3. Sign and submit consent forms for obtaining information.
  4. Find a suitable place to live that meets program standards.
  5. Attend all scheduled appointments.
  6. Allow MHB to inspect the housing unit.
  7. Allow landlord to enter assisted unit to complete necessary repairs.
  8. Comply with terms of the lease with owner and HUD’s tenancy addendum.
  9. Pay rent on time.
  10. Report maintenance problems in a timely manner.
  11. Not commit any serious violation of the lease.

Payment Standard and Average Utilities








Payment Standard







Minus Utilities







Base Rent







Several factors determine the maximum amount of rent payable for a Housing Choice assisted unit:

  1. Rent reasonableness, discussed below
  2. Family size 
  3. Family income









30% of Median







Very Low Income














What is Rent Reasonableness?

HUD requires a rent reasonableness test be conducted on each unit. This is essential to the successful operation of Housing Choice Voucher Program. Reasonable rent is defined as rent paid to owner that is not more than rent charged:

  1. For comparable units in the private unassisted market.
  2. For comparable unassisted units on the premises.
Factors considered in each test are
  1. Unit size (square footage)
  2. Age (year built)
  3. Quality (includes quality of workmanship)
  4. Unit type (single family, duplex, mobile home, etc.)
  5. Location (site and neighborhood, access to public services, etc.)
  6. Amenities (carpet, ceramic floors, air conditioning, central heat, insulation, washer & dryer hookups, etc.)
  7. Housing services provided
  8. Maintenance provided
  9. Utilities (Does the landlord furnish water, stove, refrigerator, etc.?)
Purpose of Rent Reasonableness is to assure that:
  1. Fair rent is paid for units selected for participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Rent charged for assisted units may not exceed rents for unassisted units.).
  2. The program does not have the effect of inflating rents in the community.

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